Christmasworld 2017

For EuroSand the Christmas season comes to an end with the last day of the Christmasworld 2017 in Frankfurt, at January 31st. For EuroSand this fair is one of the leading exhibitions for decoration and trends where the company shows their new products and basics every year.Together with its sub company Sandra Rich the EuroSand GmbH was present with a completely new booth design on 350 sqm.


The customers of EuroSand GmbH had the chance to experience the four Christmas trend themes of 2017 and their corresponding range of products.This included a white Christmas theme with a lot of artificial snow, glittery snowballs and silver shimmery highlights.


was a mandatory, very traditional Christmas theme with a lot of gold and red decorations. The third Christmas theme with its natural products was inspired by a Christmas walk through the forest.  Black, night-blue and burgundy are the colors of the fourth Christmas theme which marks the EuroSand trend theme in 2017.


These four very different themes were supposed to inspire, show the products in their utilization and invite our customers to lively conversations. With the short fair movie EuroSand wants to give an insight into their impressions and very special moments of the Christmasworld 2017. Get inspired!

EuroSand is looking forward to see you at the Christmasworld 2018