Home fragrance in the new definition

• Market introduction of the new EUROSAND deco fragrance "d breeze" •

Already at the spring fairs Christmasword and Ambiente the prototype of the new home fragrance concept "d breeze" has been presented. Now, the product is ready for delivery.

The new and innovative d-breeze home fragrance was developed specifically for scenting decorative items like colored sand, granules, decorative rocks, potpourris, shells, etc.

In cooperation with a leading European manufacturer of fragrance concentrates, we created delicate and perfect balanced scents for the use with EUROSAND decorative items.

Use of the scents could not be easier: simply select the liquid d-breeze home fragrance of your preference and spray it on the decorative items from EUROSAND (or on comparative items).

The delicately balanced fragrances adhere to the surfaces of the decorative items where they are released slowly into the ambient air – for a pleasant- long-term scenting of your home. To vary the intensity of fragrance, simply spray on more of the product.


Currently 9 different fragrances are available:

• Aromates & Woods    • Blood Orange & Pomegranate

• Mango & Starfruit    • Lavender & Eucalyptus

• Hawthorn & Chocolate    • Cherry Blossom Garden

• Vanilla Dream    • Mint Leaves & Lemongrass

• Acai & Blackberry