The company EUROSAND GmbH was established in 1999. The company‘s registered place of business and the production plant are both located in the City of Weiden in der Oberpfalz, in Northern Bavaria.

Within a few short years, the company‘s initially limited range of decorative colored sands and stones soon ballooned into a product range encompassing more than 50,000 onstock items. This creative company quickly succeeded in establishing itself as the market leader of its segment.
Since the company‘s establishment in 1999, EUROSAND has been playing a pioneering role in the development of new decorative materials, novel processing and finishing variants,  and packaging innovations. Today, the owner-managed company EUROSAND ranks among the trend setters in the industry.


One of the most important elements of our company‘s success is our own in-house production facility at the Weiden headquarters. The largest share by far of our successful product range is „Made in Germany“.

The production process at Eurosand is based on a variety of different production focuses. The most important sectors are specialized dyeing and effect techniques and upstream raw materials preparation (e.g. sophisticated sifting, washing and fragmenting techniques as well as specific surface preparation and processing techniques). Another focal point is the production sector of packaging. Here is where the purchase orders are precision-customized to our customers‘ individual specifications – leading to the creation of finished products from more than 1,000 raw products in combination with a dazzling variety of possible packaging options.


EUROSAND is a specialist manufacturer of premium-quality decorative give-away items and decorative accessories. In addition to the range of goods produced by ourselves, we also carry a wide range of trade merchandise to round off our product portfolio.

EUROSAND‘S product portfolio is perfect both for professional purposes in the floristry & decoration business and for creative applications by end users. Our most important product lines: Colored sands and stones; glass stones; glitter products; mirror glass decorations; decorative wire items; water beads; artificial diamonds: decorative snow and Christmas items; natural decorative items; shells; wood granulates; natural stones; and many other trendy and up-to-date decorative styles. All items are available in a virtually limitless number of packaging variants. We serve the entire range – from small packages for the retail trade all the way to big-box wholesale packages for subsequent processing or finishing.

Basic materials

We use exclusively premium-quality basic materials extracted preferably at European mining areas. Raw materials such as e.g. glass, marble, or other stone materials in characteristic shapes and colors.

We leave nothing to chance. It is the raw material we use which significantly determine the quality of our products. That is why EUROSAND accepts only premium-quality raw materials for production purposes. Our high standards of quality are continuously confirmed by the quality certificates received from our upstream suppliers and certified by independent test laboratories.
To us, the economic, efficient and responsible handling of natural resources starts all the way from procurement. That is why we make every effort to procure the majority of the raw materials required from domestic and European sources in order to minimize transit distances. This allows us to meet our customers‘ high expectations in our products in a sustainable and lasting manner.


To us, quality starts as early as product development. Product safety is one of our top priorities.

The aspects of „safety“ and „sustainability“ are keys in our manufacture of decorative items. That is why we have made it our company‘s mission to design and produce items that are both beautiful to look at and user-friendly as well as safe. And that is why we cooperate exclusively with suppliers who have earned our confidence, who work in accordance with our specifications, and who have ongoing cooperations with accredited testing institutions. At the same time, we are also having our products inspected on an ongoing basis by independent testing institutions (e.g. German Technical Supervisory Authority – TÜV, or the Bavarian State Trade Agency – LGA) and other laboratories.


EUROSAND operates on the basis of a clear-cut sales strategy and employs the ensuing future-oriented business policies. We are an important supplier and partner to all relevant distribution systems of the retail and wholesale trades.

EUROSAND decorative give-away items are used primarily in the business areas of floristry, tabletop decor, decorative glass and ceramics, aquariums and by professional decorators. EuroSand is the market leader in Europe with a nation-wide market presence in Germany and powerfully increasing growth rates in the export markets. For the distribution of our goods, we work in cooperation with wholesale partners, retail chains, brand suppliers, garden centers, and processing facilities. All purchase orders and produced and assembled strictly to customer specifications. Product packaging & presentation is available in standardized designs, or in special packaging,
or even under private labels.


Scouting and implementing color trends, developing attractive display & shelf presentations or preparing supporting catalog documents covers only a small segment of our countless innovative services.

Choosing just the right trend colors plays an elementary role in the development of EUROSAND‘ S product portfolio. We are a member of authoritative and trend setting associations such as „efsa“, among else. An important element in the marketing of our products is the continuous development & evolution of innovative display solutions for the retail market and for shelf presentations. Our main catalog featuring a myriad of product and decoration examples is published every year and has in the meantime grown to over 300 pages – a most useful tool appreciated by many purchasing departments for compiling their range of goods.

Environment / Energy

Our company is aware of the responsibility for nature and people. Environmental protection and the economical use of energy and resources are management tasks.

For this reason, the company EuroSand GmbH undertakes with its environmental and energy policy to reduce energy consumption and the associated CO2 emissions sustainably and continuously. The basis of our target definition is the consumption and production data from the past as well as the profitability and efficiency of the measures. Our environmental and energy policy is intended to help protect the environment and keep it worth living for the general public. All decisions made in the company take into account environmental protection issues as well as the economical use of energy.


Innovations and non-stop improvement and development are the bedrock on which EUROSAND‘ S success is built. To us, these qualities are as important as the air we breathe. Continuous realignment with a continuous process of development is the secret behind securing the company‘s future.

We want our employees to be happy working for us and are providing them with scope for further personal & professional development. That is why do everything in our power to bolster and release our employees‘ energy and creativity. That is how we stoke the fires of innovation and development while at the same time expanding our business in a sustainable manner and meeting our economic objectives. We make sure that innovation and growth are always in harmony with our own high standards of quality and ecologically sustainable production processes.